Nowadays, many researchers are ‘flooded' with a tsunami of data: more and more data is generated in less and less time. It is of crucial importance to be able to analyze these data. The research in the department of Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics completely focuses on data analysis, which is chemometrics. This ranges from simple visualisation of data to prediction of, for instance, concentrations or finding biologically interesting molecules in complex mixtures.

The research in this department is centered around two main research philosophies:

  • Methodological chemometrics, (further) development of chemometric methods to tackle new challenges in Chemistry and beyond: methodological research on chemometrical techniques like global optimization methods, and multivariate statistics.
  • Application oriented research in which these methods are applied and validated for pioneering science in chemistry and biology. This encompasses for instance image processing and spectroscopic analysis (NIR, LC-MS/MS, ..) for industrial and medical applications.