EBI: Engineering Business Intelligence

From Measurement to Performance Value
Starting date 2022

M4M: Management for Measurement

monitoring KPIs from Process Data
Starting date 2021


Regions and Digital Innovation Hubs Alliance for AI-driven digitalization of European Manufacturing SMEs
Starting date 2020


TKI-LSH project on Viral pneumonia: from COVID19 to beyond (VICOBE).
Health Holland, UMC Utrecht, Flow Diagnostics
Starting date 2020

Circular Plastics Initiative

European Industry joins forces in Circular Plastics Initiative; Revaluation of Plastics only possible via International Circular Value Chain.
Starting date 2019


Process Analytics for Sustainable Decisions
AIM: Sustainable Process Analytical Technologies | Statistical Process Modelling | Life Cycle Assessment
Pasteur Green IT Voucher, starting date 2019


Total Safety Solution
Aim: to find a final solution comprehensive of ‘active’ and ‘passive’ protections and to provide clear indications on safety measures to apply during both operations and career of high risk professionals.
Starting date 2019


Social Acceptance of AI in Industry
Aim: increase the chance of success of AI technology within Industry by conducting research into the acceptance and connection with end users and management.
Topsector Energie/ISPT, starting date 2019

ERDF (EFRO) project 'Citizen Science Innovation Initiative'

Meten is weten met Citizen Science /Measuring is knowledge with Citizen Science
Aim: improving data interpretation in devices for consumers, citizens, and patients. 
Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO), starting date 2018

NWA route 'meten en detecteren'

'Measuring & Detecting'
Aim: Bringing measurement to you and your environment
NWO, starting date 2018


Integrating Sensor Based Process Monitoring and Advanced Process Control
Aim: Integrating  chemometrics and Advanced Process Control for improved management of chemical processes
TKI-ISPT, starting date 2017

TI Coast:

Top Institute Comprehensive Analytical Sciences
A Dutch public-private partnership on Analytical Science and Technology. 
Launched November 2010.