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Ecological footprint

Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) are essential for gathering information about the present and future industrial processes. The expertise of Radboud University in the field of process analysis technologies (the department Analytic Chemistry and Chemometrics) is combined with the expertise in the field of life cycle assessment (the department of Environmental Sciences) in the new GreenPAT method. Case studies show that GreenPAT can make a significant contribution in reducing the use of raw materials and the emission of gas during the entire life cycle of industrial processes.

Dr. Jeroen Jansen, the initiator of GreenPAT, adds to this: ‘Often, a lot of data is gathered within industrial processes, but this data is not used optimally. With the GreenPAT method we can make better use of this data in order to optimise the processes. Furthermore, we can calculate what these changes imply for the environmental footprint of the process. This allows businesses to take evidence based decisions focussed on both economical and environmental interests.'

Collaboration with industry

Together with industrial partners from several sectors, the GreenPAT method will be validated in the coming period to make the method widely applicable in practice. The GreenPAT method will also be included in the Radboud Research Facilities.

Business that are interested in the GreenPAT method can contact Isabel Rijk, Knowledge transfer officer: i.rijk@ru.nl.

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