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Within Project SAAI, research is being conducted into the acceptance and connection with end users and management in order to increase the chance of success of using AI technology within Industry.
The research is of great importance for the top sector energy because these applications can immediately realize energy savings of 5-40% (EnergQ, Techemerg 2018), while it is precisely for these applications that there is an acceptance issue.
North West Europe is lagging far behind in acceptance and attention compared to countries such as India and China. The increasing automation and development of AI raises various ethical issues, fears and objections. According to a recent study (AI2020), the biggest challenge for business to implement their SMART / AI business strategy is cultural resistance. The issues we encounter include fear of job losses and reduced autonomy, mainly due to a lack of transparency and insight into the functioning of intelligent systems.
For the industry, a successful use of AI and the use of Big Data from existing and new sources gives opportunities for improved process control, increased quality of the end products and an improved competitive position.

The consortium carrying out this research brings together the expertise of AI application suppliers (EnerGQ), researchers of the fundamental development of quantitative methods (RU), social scientists active with acceptance issues and socially responsible innovation (WUR) and end users (Nouryon and ISPT) .

This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energie by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

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