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TI Coast

Dr. B.J. Kip (chairman TI-COAST) & Dr. Jacques Joosten (vice chairman of the National Chemistry Board (‘Regiegroep Chemie') )

November 2, 2010: TI COAST launched!
Top Institute Comprehensive Analytical Sciences (TI COAST) is launched with a budget of 16 M euro. Lutgarde Buydens is cofounder of this Public Private initiative. In total 4 groups of IMM participate: Biophysical Chemistry (prof. Sybren Wijmenga), Solid State NMR (prof. Arno Kentgens), Molecular and Laser Physics (dr. Frans Harren) and Analytical Chemistry (prof. Lutgare Buydens) The first call for projects will was launched early 2011.

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Mission Statement
TI-COAST's mission is to strengthen analytical sciences in Netherlands uniting R&D, human capital and infrastructure:

  • Advance R&D and innovation in analytical technologies, particularly to encourage cross fertilization between analytical technologies and application areas.
  • Improve education in analytical science and to increase the number of graduates
  • Provide access to research facilities and knowledge for players with and across application areas.
  • Putting these pieces together, TI-COAST aims to promote analytical science as valuable economic activity in its own right and as a catalyst for innovation and economic value in its application areas

The three programs in the Strategic Agenda of TI-COAST can realize this ambition:


Within the research program we aim to develop greatly improved chemical measurement methods to establish WHICH molecules are present in complex mixtures, WHERE and WHEN, and HOW they interact with the aim to better understand specific PROPERTIES of the samples. Transfer of the methods into miniaturised analysers ready for use by non-experts, in situ, on the spot, any time.