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Total Safety Solution

Principal Investigators: Dr. Jeroen Jansen, Dr. Geert Postma

High risk professionals’ protection is of the outmost importance. The most conventional defensive system is ‘passive’ and it is represented by the turnout gear. For example, the protective coat of firefighters is developed as an inactive and continuous shield against the hazard of a fire.

Nowadays, this defensive system possesses a room of improvement thanks to the development of new technologies for ‘active’ protection and their eventual implementation directly in the turnout gear. Measurement architecture consisting in cooling device and tactile, auditory and visual feedback can be readily integrated in the firefighters’ suit. Additionally, an eventual combination with in-line, at-line and off-line data can provide sensible insights regarding the quantitative handling on each professional’s safety and performance.

The Total Safety Solution project aims to find a final solution comprehensive of ‘active’ and ‘passive’ protections and to provide clear indications on safety measures to apply during both operations and career of high risk professionals.

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