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Publications 2023

Kammer, J., Simon, L., Ciuraru, R., Petit, J., Lafouge, F., Buysse, P., Cristescu, S.M., Truong, F., Gros, V. & Loubet, B.
New particle formation at a peri-urban agricultural site.
Science of the Total Environment, 857, 1-16, January 2023.

André van den Doel, Geert H van Kollenburg, Thomas D van Remmen, Joanne A de Jonge, Geert J Postma, Gerjen Tinnevelt, Gerard J Stroomberg, Lutgarde M Buydens, Jeroen J Jansen
Calculating Required Purification Effort to Turn Source Water Into Drinking Water Using an Adapted CCME Water Quality Index
Water Resources Research, 59 (1), e2020WR027925, January 2023

Sin Yong Teng, Leonardo Galvis, Carlos Mendez Blanco, Leyla Ӧzkan, Ruud Barendse, Geert Postma, Jeroen Jansen.
Machine-Learned Digital Phase Switch for Sustainable Chemical Production
Journal of Cleaner Production, 382, 135168, January 2023

Adrian Chun Minh Loy, Sin Yong Teng, Bing Shen How, Xixia Zhang, Kin Wai Cheah, Valeria Butera, Wei Dong Leong, Bridgid Lai Fui Chin, Chung Loong Yiin, Martin J. Taylor, Georgios Kyriakou
Elucidation of single atom catalysts for energy and sustainable chemical production: Synthesis, characterization and frontier science
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 96, 101074, online February 2023

Ben Henderson
Applications of Soft Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Taking the next steps along the journey of breath analysis
PhD thesis, February 7, 2023

Katarzyna M. Szykuła, Tim Offermans, Oliver Lischtschenko, Joris Meurs, Derek Guenther, Yvette Mattley, Martin Jaeger and Maarten Honing
Predicting Animal Welfare Labels from Pork Fat Using Raman Spectroscopy and Chemometrics
AppliedChem 3(2), 279-289, May 2023

Publications 2022

Evangelia Sakkoula, Sharma, Gautam, Wang, X., North, S., Parker, D.H. & Wei, W.
Dynamics and vector correlations of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photodissociation of CO2 at 155 nm.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24, 2592-26000, January 2022.

Guillén Fernández, Healthy Brain Study consortium
Protocol of the Healthy Brain Study: An accessible resource for understanding the human brain and how it dynamically and individually operates in its bio-social context
PLoS ONE 16(12): e0260952. Online January 2022

Karen Gah Hie Kong, Bing Shen How, Juin Yau Lim, Wei Dong Leong, Sin Yong Teng, Wendy Pei Qin, Irene Moser, Jaka Sunarso
Shaving electric bills with renewables? A multi-period pinch-based methodology for energy planning
Energy, 239, D, 122320, January 2022

Marta Sá, N Ferrer-Ledo, F Gao, CG Bertinetto, J Jansen, JG Crespo, RH Wijffels, M Barbosa, CF Galinha
Perspectives of Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Online Monitoring in Microalgae Industry
Microbial Biotechnology 0(0), 1–15, February 2022

Václav Miklas, Michal Touš, Vítězslav Máša & Sin Yong Teng
Artificial Intelligence Application for Crude Distillation Unit: An Overview
Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management, Energy, and Sustainability, 156-168, February 2022

Jan Andries, G. Tinnevelt, Y. vander Heyden
Improved modelling for low-correlated multiple responses by common-subset-of-independent-variables partial-least-squares
Talanta, 239, 123140, March 2022

Ben Henderson, Joris Meurs, Carlijn R. Lamers, Guilherme Lopes Batista, Dušan Materić, Carlo G. Bertinetto, Coen C.W.G. Bongers, Rupert Holzinger, Frans J.M. Harren, Jeroen J. Jansen, Maria T.E. Hopman, Simona M. Cristescu
Non-invasive monitoring of inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients during prolonged exercise via exhaled breath volatile organic compounds
Metabolites, 12(3), 224, March 2022 - HOT PAPER

Mark schoot; Martin Alewijn; Yannick Weesepoel; Judith Mueller-Maatsch; Christiaan Kapper; Geert Postma; Lutgarde Buydens; Jeroen Jansen
Predicting the performance of handheld near-infrared photonic sensors from a master benchtop device.
Analytica Chimica Acta, 1203, 339707, online March 10, 2022

Roderik Krebbers, N. Liu, K. E. Jahromi, M. Nematollahi, F. J. M. Harren, S. M. Cristescu, and A. Khodabakhsh
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy based on a Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Source for Plasma Study
Optica High-brightness Sources and Light-driven Interactions Congress 2022, Technical Digest Series paper MF3C.4, March 2022.

Joris Meurs, Evangelia Sakkoula and Simona M. Cristescu
 Real-Time Non-Invasive Monitoring of Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Exhaled Breath
Frontiers in Chemistry, online April 27, 2022

Carlo G. Bertinetto, Roy Spijkerman, Lillian Hesselink, Gerjen H. Tinnevelt, Coen C.W.G. Bongers, Geert J. Postma, Maria T.E. Hopman, Leo Koenderman, Jeroen J. Jansen.
Comprehensive multivariate evaluation of the effects on cell phenotypes in multicolor flow cytometry data using ANOVA Simultaneous Component Analysis
Journal of Chemometrics, online April 27, 2022

Jia Ling Ong, Adrian Chun Minh Loy, Sin Yong Teng, and Bing Shen How
Future Paradigm of 3D Printed Ni-Based Metal Organic Framework Catalysts for Dry Methane Reforming: Techno-economic and Environmental Analyses
ACS Omega 7 (18), 15369-15384, april 2022

Vojtěch Ondruška Bing Shen How, Michal Netolický, VítězslavMáša, Sin Yong Teng
Resource optimisation in aquaponics facility via process monitoring and graph-theoretical approach
Carbon Resources Conversion, online April 2022

Tim Offermans, Leonardo Galvis, Carlo G. Bertinetto, Andrea Carnoli, Emina Karamujić; Ewa Szymańska, Lutgarde M. C. Buydens, Jeroen J. Jansen
Retrospective Quality by Design r(QbD) for Lactose Production using Historical Process Data and Design of Experiments
Computers in Industry 141, online May 23, 2022

Ruszkiewicz, D., Myers, R., Henderson, B.J., Yusof, H., Meister, A., Moreno, S., Eddleston M., Darnley K., Nailon W.H., McLaren D., Lao Y.E., Hovda K.E., Lam S., Cristescu, S.M. & Paul Thomas, C.L.
Peppermint protocol: first results for gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry.
Journal of Breath Research, 16 (3), 1-32, May 26, 2022.

Chin, S. Denis, J. V. Zaen, E. Muntané, A. Khodabakhsh, F. J. M. Harren, P. Bowen, S. Schröder, H. Martin, S. Lecomte, and L. Balet
Digital electronics platform-based supercontinuum light detection for mid-infrared trace gas sensing
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Technical Digest Series, paper AW4L.3, May 2022.

Mark Schoot
NIR calibration for industrial applications
PhD thesis, May 30, 2022

Tim Offermans, Lynn Hendriks, Geert H Van Kollenburg, Ewa Szymańska, Lutgarde M C Buydens and Jeroen J Jansen
Improved understanding of industrial process relationships through conditional path modelling with Process PLS
Bookchapter in: Novel Applications of Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Process Industry. Frontiers Media SA. Biancolillo, A., D’Archivio, A. A., Marini, F., Vitale, R., eds. May 2022.

Roderik Krebbers, N. Liu, K. E. Jahromi, M. Nematollahi, F. J. M. Harren, S. M. Cristescu, and A. Khodabakhsh
Analysis of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Plasmas with Supercontinuum-based Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Technical Digest Series, paper AW4L.2, May 2022.

Roderik Krebbers, N. Liu, K. E. Jahromi, M. Nematollahi, O. Bang, G. Woyessa, C. R. Petersen, G. van Rooij, F. J. M. Harren, A. Khodabakhsh & S. M. Cristescu
Mid-infrared supercontinuum-based Fourier transform spectroscopy for plasma analysis
Scientific Reports12, 9642, June 2022

Yangwei Ying; Geert Hein van Kollenburg; André van den Doel; Sanne Brekelmans; Hong Zhou; Gerard Stroomberg; Jeroen Jansen
Evaluating Anthropogenic Origin of Unidentified Volatile Chemicals in the River Rhine
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 233:241, online June 21, 2022

Jeroen Jansen, Ingrid Måge
Report of Path Modelling Workshop, Zaandam, The Netherlands, 25–26 April 2022
Journal of Chemometrics, meeting report, June 25, 2022

Lip Siang Yeo, Sin Yong Teng, Wendy Pei Qin Ng, Chun Hsion Lim, Wei Dong Leong, Hon Loong Lam, Yat Choy Wong,  Jaka Sunarso, Bing Shen Howa
Sequential optimization of process and supply chains considering re-refineries for oil and gas circularity
Applied Energy, 322, 119485, online June 28, 2022

Nick Bliziotis, Leo AJ Kluijtmans; Gerjen H Tinnevelt; Parminder Reel; Smarti Reel; Katharina Langton; Mercedes Robledo; Christina Pamporaki; Alessio Pecori; Josie Van Kralingen; Martina Tetti; Udo FH Engelke; Zoran Erlic; Jasper Engel; Timo Deutschbein; Svenja Nölting; Aleksander Prejbisz; Susan Richter; Jerzy Adamski; Andrzej Januszewicz; Filippo Ceccato; Carla Scaroni; Michael C Dennedy; Tracy A Williams; Livia Lenzini; Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo; Eleanor Davies; Martin Fassnacht; Hanna Remde; Graeme Eisenhofer; Felix Beuschlein; Matthias Kroiss; Emily Jefferson; Maria Christina Zennaro; Ron A Wevers; Jeroen J Jansen; Jaap Deinum; Henri JLM Timmers
Preanalytical Pitfalls in Untargeted Plasma Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics of Endocrine Hypertension
Metabolites, 12(8), 679, July 2022

Karen Gah Hie Kong, Juin Yau Limb, Wei Dong Leong, Wendy Pei Qin Ng, Sin Yong Teng, Jaka Sunarso , Bing Shen How
Fuzzy optimization for P2P multi-period renewable energy trading planning
Journal of Cleaner Production, 133122, online 14 July 2022

Roderik Krebbers, N. Liu, K. E. Jahromi, M. Nematollahi, O. Bang, G. Woyessa, C. R. Petersen, G. van Rooij, F. J. M. Harren, A. Khodabakhsh, and S. M. Cristescu
Mid-infrared Broadband Spectroscopy for Plasma Analysis
Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress 2022, Technical Digest Series, paper ETu4H.4, July 2022.

Vladimir Brummer, Sin Yong Teng, David Jecha, Pavel Skryja, Veronica Vavrcikova, Petr Stehlik
Contribution to cleaner production from the point of view of VOC emissions abatement: A review
Journal of Cleaner Production, 361, 132112, August 2022

Roelant Hilgers, Sin Yong Teng, Anamarija Briš, Aleksandr Y. Pereverzev, Paul White, Jeroen J. Jansen, Jana Roithová
Frontispiece: Monitoring Reaction Intermediates to Predict Enantioselectivity Using Mass Spectrometry
Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed. 61,e202205720, August 2022

Jacopo Acquarelli, Twan van Laarhoven, Geert J. Postma, Jeroen Jansen, Anne Rijpma, Sjaak vanAsten, , Arend Heerschap, Lutgarde Buydens Elena Marchiori,
Convolutional neural networks to predict brain tumor grades and Alzheimer’s disease with MR spectroscopic imaging data
PLoS ONE, online August 24, 2022

Mridula Prasad, Pietro Franceschi, Lutgarde Buydens, Jeroen Jansen, Geert Postma
Evaluation and comparison of unsupervised methods for the extraction of spatial patterns from mass spectrometry imaging data (MSI)
Scientific Reports, 12, 15687, online September 2022

Giulia Gorla, Sara Fumagalli, Jeroen J. Jansen, Barbara Giussani
Acquisition strategies for fermentation processes with a low-cost miniaturized NIR-spectrometer from scratch: issues and challenges
Microchemical Journal, 108035, online 3 October 2022

Sin Yong Teng, Ákos Orosz, Bing Shen How, Jean Pimentel, Ferenc Friedler, Jeroen J. Jansen
Framework to Embed Machine Learning Algorithms in P-graph: Communication from the Chemical Process Perspectives
Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 188, 265-270, online October 2022

Gerjen Tinnevelt, Olga Lushchikova; Dillen Augustijn; Mathijs Lochs; Rinze W. Geertsma; Machteld Rijkeboer; Harrie Kools; George Dubelaar; Arnold Veen; Lutgarde M.C. Buydens; Jeroen J. Jansen
Water Quality Control based on Chemometric Analysis of High-Resolution Phytoplankton Data measured with Flow Cytometry
Environment International, 170, online October 17, 2022

Juin Yau Lim, Sin Yong Teng, Bing Shen How, KiJeon Nam, SungKu Heo, Vítězslav Máša, Petr Stehlík, Chang Kyoo Yoo
From microalgae to bioenergy: Identifying optimally integrated biorefinery pathways and harvest scheduling under uncertainties in predicted climate
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 168, 1142865, October 2022

Carlo G. Bertinetto; Mark Schoot; Martijn Dingemans; Wouter Meeuwsen; Lutgarde M.C. Buydens; Jeroen Jansen
Influence of measurement procedure on the use of handheld NIR spectrophotometers for food analysis
Food Research International, 161, 111836, November 2022

Olivier Berry, Enora Briand, Alizé Bagot, Maud Chaigne, Laurence Meslet-Cladière, Julien Wang, Olivier Grovel, Jeroen J. Jansen, Nicolas Ruiz, Thibaut Robiou du Pont, Yves François Pouchus, Philipp Hess,  Samuel Bertrand
Deciphering interactions between the marine dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima and the fungus Aspergillus pseudoglaucus
Environmental Microbiology, 25(2), 250-267, online November 4, 2022

Francisco Souza, Tim Offermans, Ruud Barendse, Geert Postma, Jeroen Jansen
Contextual Mixture of Experts: Integrating Knowledge into Predictive Modeling
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, November, 2022

Bing Shen How, Shirleen Lee Yuen Lo, Karen Gah Hie Kong, Sin Yong Teng
Stochastic Modeling for Palm Biomass Supply Chain
Book Chapter in: Sustainable Technologies for the Oil Palm Industry, 149-185, November 2022

Xixia Zhang, Kastyl, J., Casas-Luna, M., Havlicek, L., Vondra, M., Brummer, V., Sukacova K., Masa V., Teng, S.Y. & Neugebauer, P
Microalgae-derived nanoporous biochar for ammonia removal in sustainable wastewater treatment.
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10 (6), 1-15, december 2022.

Puneet Mishra, Passos, D., Marini, F., Xu, J., Amigo, J.M., Gowen, A.A., Jansen, J.J., Biancolillo, A., Roger, J.M., Rutledge, D.N. & Nordon, A. (2022).
Deep learning for near-infrared spectral data modelling: Hypes and benefits.
TrAC, 157, 1-8, december 2022

Publications 2021

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Tim Offermans, Terry-Hale Wijker, , Rita Folcarelli, Rudi Heemskerk, Packo Lamers, Maria Proença, Thanh Tran, Lutgarde Buydens, Jeroen Jansen
ENDBOSS: Industrial endpoint detection using batch-specific control spaces of spectroscopic data
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 209, 104229, January 2021

Roy Spijkerman, Lilian Hesselink, Carlo Bertinetto, Coen Bongers, Falco Hietbrink, Nienke Vrisekoop, Luke Leenen, Maria Hopman, Jeroen Jansen, Leo Koenderman
Refractory neutrophils and monocytes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease after repeated bouts of prolonged exercise
Cytometry: Part B - Clinical Cytometry, 100(6):676-682, March 2021

Ben Henderson, Guilherme Lopes Batista, Carlo Bertinetto, Joris Meurs, Dusan Materic, Coen C.W.G. Bongers, Neeltje A.E Allard, Thijs Eijsvogels, Rupert Holzinger, Frans J.M. Harren, Jeroen J. Jansen, Maria Hopman, Simona M. Cristescu
Exhaled breath reflects prolonged exercise and statin use during a field campaign
Metabolites 11(4), 192, March 2021

Roy Spijkerman, Lillian Hesselink, Carlo Bertinetto, Coen Bongers, Falco Hietbrink, Nienke Vrisekoop, Luke PH Leenen, Maria TE Hopman, Jeroen J Jansen, Leo Koenderman.
Analysis of human neutrophil phenotypes as biomarker to monitor exercise‐induced immune changes
Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 109, 4, 833-842, April 2021

Henk-Jan van Manen, Jan Gerretzen, Martijn Smout, Geert Postma, Jeroen Jansen
Quantitative Vibrational Spectroscopy on Liquid Mixtures: Concentration Units Do Matter
The Analyst, 146, 3150, 2021.

Tim Offermans, Ewa Szymańska, Geert van Kollenburg, Lutgarde M. C. Buydens, Jeroen J. Jansen
Automatically optimizing dynamic synchronization of individual industrial process variables for statistical modelling
Computers and Chemical Engineering, online June 7 2021, vol. 125, 107402

Jaanika Kronberg, Jonathan J. Byrne, Jeroen Jansen, Philipp Antczak, Adam Hines, John Bignell, Ioanna Katsiadaki, Mark R. Viant & Francesco Falciani
Modeling the metabolic profile of Mytilus edulis reveals molecular signatures linked to gonadal development, sex and environmental site
Scientific Reports, 11, 12882, online June 2021

Mark Schoot, Christiaan Kapper, Gijs van Kessel, Geert Postma, Lutgarde MC Buydens, Jeroen Jansen
Cost-benefit analysis of calibration model maintenance strategies for process monitoring
Analytica Chimica Acta, vol 1180, 338890, online July 27

Gerjen Tinnevelt, Kristiaan Wouters, Geert Postma, Rita Folcarelli, Jeroen Jansen
High-throughput single cell data analysis - A tutorial
Analytica Chimica Acta, online 26 July 2021, 338872

Geert van Kollenburg, Roel Bouman, Tim Offermans, Jan Gerretzen, Lutgarde M.C. Buydens, Henk-Jan van Manen, Jeroen Jansen
Process PLS: Incorporating substantive knowledge into the predictive modelling of multiblock, multistep, multidimensional and multicollinear process data.
Computers and Chemical Engineering , online 30 July 2021, 107466

Rita Folcarelli, Selma van Staveren, Gerjen Tinnevelt, Emily Cadot, Nienke Vriesekoop, Lutgarde M.C. Buydens, Leo Koenderman, Jeroen Jansen, Oscar van den Brink
Transformation of Multicolour Flow Cytometry data with OTflow prevents misleading multivariate analysis (MVA) results and incorrect immunological conclusions
Cytometry: Part A, online July 29, 2021

Tim Offermans, Lynn Hendriks, Geert H Van Kollenburg, Ewa Szymańska, Lutgarde M C Buydens and Jeroen J Jansen
Improved understanding of industrial process relationships through conditional path modelling with Process PLS
Frontiers in Analytical Science, online August 23, 2021

Tim Offermans
Improved data processing for sustainable industry with chemometrics
PhD Thesis, September 28, 2021

Nikolaos G. Bliziotis, Leo A. J. Kluijtmans, Sebastian Soto, Gerjen H. Tinnevelt, Katharina Langton, Mercedes Robledo, Christina Pamporaki, Udo F. H. Engelke, Zoran Erlic, Jasper Engel, Timo Deutschbein, Svenja Nölting, Aleksander Prejbisz, Susan Richter, Cornelia Prehn, Jerzy Adamski, Andrzej Januszewicz, Martin Reincke, Martin Fassnacht, Graeme Eisenhofer, Felix Beuschlein, Matthias Kroiss, Ron A. Wevers, Jeroen J. Jansen, Jaap Deinum, Henri J. L. M. Timmers
Pre- versus post-operative untargeted plasma nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolomics of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma
Endocrine, open access, September 2021

Veronica Mayer, de Hoog S., Cristescu S.M., Vera L., Prenafeta-Boldú F.,
Volatile organic compounds in the Azteca/Cecropia ant-plant symbiosis and the role of black fungi
Journal of Fungi 7: 836, October 2021.

Meng Lu , Dai R., de Boer C., Schmitz O., Kooter I., Cristescu S.M., Karssenberg D.
External Validation of statistical NO2 modelling using a high-end mobile sensing instrument
Atmospheric Pollution Research 12(11), November 2021

Jan Andries, G. Tinnevelt, Y. vander Heyden
Improved modelling for low-correlated multiple responses by common-subset-of-independent-variables partial-least-squares
Talanta, 239, 1 March 2022, 123140, online December 2021

Publications 2020

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Jonathan Martens, Rianne E. van Outersterp, Rob J. Vreeken, Filip Cuyckens, Karlien L.M. Coene, Udo F. Engelke, Leo A.J. Kluijtmans, Ron A. Wevers, Lutgarde M.C. Buydens, Britta Redlich, Giel Berden, Jos Oomens Infrared ion spectroscopy: new opportunities for small-molecule identification in mass spectrometry - a tutorial perspective
Analytica Chimica Acta1093, 1-15, January 2020

Hadi Parastar, Geert Hein van Kollenburg, Andre van den Doel, Yannick Weesepoel, Martin Alewijn; Lutgarde Buydens, Jeroen Jansen.
Integration of handheld NIR and machine learning for the development of a “Measure & Monitor” technology for food authenticity
Food Control, 112, 107149. June 2020/online January 2020

Geert H. van Kollenburg, Hadi Parastar; Yannick Weesepoel; André van den Doel; Lutgarde Buydens; Jeroen Jansen
Dataset of the application of handheld NIR and machine learning for chicken fillet authenticity study
Data in Brief, 29, 105357.  April 2020/online February 2020

Feven Solomon Desta, MSc; Michael W.N. Buxton, Jeroen Jansen
Data Fusion for the Prediction of Elemental Concentrations in Polymetallic Sulphide Ore using Mid-Wave Infrared and Long-Wave Infrared Reflectance Data
Minerals, 10(3), 235, March 2020

Feven Solomon Desta, MSc; Michael W.N. Buxton, Jeroen Jansen
Fusion of Mid-Wave Infrared and Long-Wave Infrared Reflectance Spectra for Quantitative Analysis of Minerals 
Sensors, 20(5), 1472. March 2020

Geert van Kollenburg, Jacoline d van Es, Jan Gerretzen, Heleen Lanters, Roel Bouman, Willem Koelewijn, Antony N Davies, Henk-Jan van Manen, Jeroen J Jansen
Understanding Chemical Production Processes by using PLS Path Model Parameters as Soft Sensors
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 139, 106841, August 2020/online May, 2020

Marta de Sá, Carlo Bertinetto, Narcís Ferrer Ledo, Jeroen Jansen, Rene Wijffels, Joao Crespo, Maria Barbosa, Claudia Galinha
Fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometrics for simultaneous monitoring of cell concentration, chlorophyll and fatty acids in Nannochloropsis oceanica  
Scientific Reports, 10, 7688, May 2020

Tim Offermans, Ewa Szymanska, Lutgarde Buydens, Jeroen Jansen
Synchronizing Process Variables in Time for Industrial Process Monitoring and Control
Computers and Chemical Engineering, 140, 106938, May 2020

Xihui Bian, Zhankui Lu, Geert Hein van Kollenburg
Ultraviolet-visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy combined with chemometrics for rapid discrimination Angelicae Sinensis Radix from its four similarities
Analytical Methods, 12, 3499-3507, June 2020

Rita Folcarelli, Gerjen H. Tinnevelt, Bart Hilvering, Kristiaan Wouters, Selma van Staveren, Geert J. Postma, Nienke Vrisekoop, Lutgarde M. C. Buydens, Leo Koenderman & Jeroen J. Jansen
Multi-set Pre-processing of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Data
Scientific Reports 19, 9716,  June 2020

Tinnevelt, G. H., Jansen, J. J.
Chemometrics in Flow Cytometry
In Comprehensive Chemometrics: Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis; Brown, S., Tauler, R., Walczak, B., Eds., Elsevier, 2020; pp 585–597.

Mark Schoot, Christiaan Kapper, Geert van Kollenburg, Geert Postma, Gijs van Kessel, Lutgarde Buydens, Jeroen Jansen
Investigating the need for preprocessing of near-infrared spectroscopic data as a function of sample size
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 204, 10410, July 2020

Steven J. Roeters, M. Sawal, C.E. Eskildsen, M. Panman, G. Tordai, M. Koeman, K. Neymeyr, J.J. Jansen, A.K. Smilde, S. Woutersen
Unraveling VEALYL amyloid formation using advanced vibrational spectroscopy and microscopy
Biophysical Journal, 119 (1) 87-98, July 2020

Mridula Prasad
Using spatial methods to analyse mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) data
PhD thesis, October 28, 2020

Carlo Giuseppe Bertinetto, Jasper Engel, Jeroen Jansen
ANOVA Simultaneous Component Analysis  - A tutorial review
Analytica Chimica Acta X  Volume 6, 100061, November 2020

Geert van Kollenburg, Henk-Jan van Manen, Jan Gerretzen, Nicole Admiraal, Jeroen Jansen
Low-cost handheld NIR spectroscopy for classification of organic solvents and low-level quantification of water contamination
Talanta, 223 (2), 121865, November 2020

Gerjen Tinnevelt, Udo Engelke, Ron Wevers, Stefanie Veenhuis, Michel Willemsen, Karlien Coene, Purva Kulkarni, Jeroen Jansen
Variable selection in untargeted metabolomics and the danger of sparsity
Metabolites, 10(11), 470, November 2020

Mridula Prasad, M.Sc.; Geert Postma; Pietro Franceschi; Lavinia Morosi; Silvia Giordano; Francesca Falcetta; Raffaella Giavazzi; Enrico Davoli; Lutgarde M.C. Buydens; Jeroen Jansen
A methodological approach to correlate tumor heterogeneity with drug distribution profile in mass spectrometry imaging data
9 (11), November 2020

Roy Spijkerman, Suzanne Bongers, Bas Bindels, Gerjen Tinnevelt, Giulio Giustarini, Nikita Jorritsma, Wiebe Buitenwerf, Daan van Spengler, Eveline Delemarre, Stefan Nierkens, Harriët van Goor, Jeroen Jansen, Nienke Vrisekoop, Falco Hietbrink, Luke Leenen, Karin Kaasjager, and Leo Koenderman
Flow cytometric evaluation of the neutrophil compartment in COVID‐19 at hospital presentation: A normal response to an abnormal situation
Journal of Leukocyte Biology, online December 22, 2020

Nairveen Ali, Jeroen Jansen, André van den Doel, Gerjen Tinnevelt, Thomas Bocklitz
WE-ASCA: The Weighted-Effect ASCA for Analyzing Unbalanced Multifactorial Designs—A Raman Spectra-Based Example
Molecules, 26(1), 66, December 25, 2020

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