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Theme 1: Structure and Dynamics of Molecules

Acquiring a detailed understanding of interactions between individual molecules is of great Structure and Dynamics of Moleculesimportance to physics and chemistry. The research theme Structure and Dynamics of Molecules unravels these interactions of molecules by building on a fundamental  understanding of molecular structures. Processes that are studied include motions within (bio) molecules, as well as collisions between molecules  and chemical reactions. Experiments are often based on advanced spectroscopic techniques such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and various laser techniques.

Molecular interactions

The specific systems under study are often of relevance to atmospheric, Structure and Dynamics of Moleculesbiophysical, analytical and astrochemical sciences. Examples are small to medium-sized molecules including biomolecules, non-covalently bound complexes, scattering and diffusion on ice surfaces, and collisions of molecules with atoms, molecules or surfaces. Ultimately, a full understanding of molecular interactions may allow us to actively control macroscopic systems, with applications ranging from more efficient chemical reactors to molecular quantum devices.

Examples of research in theme 1

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