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Theme 2: Chemistry of Complex Systems

We are inspired by chemistry in living cells, and Chemistry of Complex Systemswant to master chemical processes that are found in biological environments. There, many different compounds react in mixtures with high overall concentrations. The next challenge in chemistry is to move away from isolated molecules and classical (diluted) reactions .

Chemical reaction networks

We want to design and synthesize chemical reaction networks, like those found in the cell, and study the complexity and functions that emerge in systems chemistry . Industrial and catalytic processes could eventually benefit from this research as they often occur under circumstances of high concentrations and/or temperature.

The IMM offers combinations of expertise in Chemistry of Complex Systemsphysical organic chemistry, synthesis and supramolecular chemistry, that is complemented by state-of-the-art quantum chemistry calculations and analytical science. Our arsenal of unique  instrumentation enables us to address the most urgent and timely scientific questions.

Examples of research in theme 2

Assistant/Associate/Full Professors involved