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Theme 3: Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials

The goal within this research theme is to understand, develop, and manipulateSpectroscopy of Quantum Materials materials based on collective, or emergent quantum effects, envisioned toward new types of functionality. To this end, we manipulate interactions in materials at the most extreme limits, namely at the level of individual atoms, at ultra-short time scales, high pressures or in the highest magnetic fields. We investigate quantum phases emerging in strongly non-equilibrium conditions, at material interfaces, and in lower dimensional systems.

Magnetism at single level in extreme conditions

The focus of the research includes the understanding of magnetism at the level of single atoms and in non-equilibrium conditions, as well as the robustness of superconductivity and its interplay with exotic quantum phases, and novel electronic properties that arise in lower dimensional systems due, for example, to topology or electron correlations.

New quantum materials may lead to much fasterSpectroscopy of Quantum Materials and more energy efficient ways of computing, transferring and storing of data, to mention some of the potential big applications. What distinguishes this research at the IMM is the strong collaboration between different experimental and theoretical groups as well as the ability to characterize and manipulate materials with the most advanced methods worldwide, both experimentally and theoretically.

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