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Overview spinoffs

Coiled Therapeutics (2018)

COILED (Center of Open Innovation for Lead Discovery) is a collaborative drug discovery initiative, that amalgamates leading academic biomedical research with industry-standard medicinal chemistry to accelerate and valorise innovation.

3DNeuro (2017)
3Dneuro, a spin-off company of the Donders Institute for  Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, answers the need for reliable, care-free and affordable tools for electrophysiology.

Machine2Learn (2017)
M2L combines the latest academic research, an exceptional understanding of AI, and their own software development. In this way, M2L provides end-to-end AI solutions for innovative organizations in industry, the medical sector and services.

Neurodrug Research (2017)

BioMed Elements (2016)
BioMed Elements strives to develop biomaterials that will enhance lives. They focus on biomaterials based on biocompatible and degradable biopolymers. BioMed Elements develops, manufactures and supplies biomaterials for application areas such as wound management, medical aesthetics, orthopedics, tissue engineering and cosmetics.

Stichting Privacy by Design (2016)
The Privacy by Design Foundation in general aims to improve the development and the use of open, privacy-friendly and secure software. More in particular, the foundation focuses on the development, roll out, and actual usage of its own system IRMA. With IRMA people can prove in a privacy-friendly and secure manner various personal properties about themselves, without revealing any other non-relevant information.

Het Pad (2015)

ReSnap (2015)
ReSnap created a new way to make photo books, making it faster and easier. Based on the set of photos, the smart editor looks at several factors - like image resolution and emotional value - to select your best images and generate a unique photo book.

E-Assyst (2015)
The company E-Assyst develops innovative mobile health applications for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

Cytofind Diagnostics (2014)
Cytofind Diagnostics aims at the quantification and analysis of Circulating tumour cells (CTCs) to improve the treatment of metastatic cancer. The CTC detection method is based on a combination of a highly innovative picodroplet-based microfluidic technology for single cell analysis, and the metabolic characteristics of tumour cells.

ProtInhi (2014)
Protinhi develops novel drugs against diseases wit high umet medical need using proprietary technology and compounds that target diseases via Protease Inhibition. The focus of ProtInhi is on upcoming viral threats and particularly on Dengue.

Secmatix (2014)
This biomaterials company is a joint collaboration between the Molecular Materials Group and the Radboudumc. The company was founded to commercialize the Nijmegen 'super gel' and is developing new adaptive wound dressings, biogels for drug delivery and regenerative medicine platforms.

Synaffix (2013)
Synnafix is a leading innovator in the field ofantibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Their vision is to become the preferred partner in the development of these complex biological therapeutics.

Apps4Air (2013)

Pansynt (2012)
Pansynt is a spin-off from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and Radboud University, focused on the development of innovative small molecules to modulate the metabolic pathway around pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

Drug Target ID (2012)
Drug Target ID builds comprehensive molecular signaling landscapes underlying complex genetic disorders to reveal your novel diagnostic biomarkers and druggable targets.

NovioSense (2012) 
A spin out company from Fraunhofer IMS in Duisburg, NovioTech b.v. and Radboud University. The NovioSense technology is a wireless platform for non-invasive monitoring of disease biomarkers in tear fluids.

GATT Technologies (2011)
GATT Technologies BV was founded by Johan Bender, with the ambition to develop a superior synthetic surgical hemostat and sealant platform to enable the bundling of all desirable features in medical device products.

Solar Swing (2011)
Development and production of daylight regulation systems that at the same time generate energy by smart integration of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

OGS Systems (2011)

Chardon Pharma (2011)
Chardon Pharma is an incubator that develops scientific ideas into commercial projects.

TeraOptronics (2010)

NovioTech (2010)
A fully privately held corporation committed to bringing new technological solutions to the market. NovioTech collaborates with Radboud University to valorize a number of technologies developed in the organic chemistry cluster of IMM.

ReRa Solutions (2010)
ReRa Solutions is an expert in the development of Photovoltaic tools and software. They help research institutes with their solar cell measurement challenges.

Sphere Fluidics (2010)
With novel analytical instrumentation and collaborative research services Sphere Fluidics enables the rapid screening and characterisation of single cells and their biological products for use in research, biotherapeutic discovery, bioproduction, cell therapy engineering, drug discovery and diagnostics.

TF2 Devices  (2010)
Development and production of thin-film III-V devices based on the epitaxial lift-off (ELO) technique. This technique brings numerous advantages to a whole range of (opto)electronic devices.

Optimal Planet (2008)
Optimal Planet exists to make sustainability and the circular economy concrete and testable, thereby making and keeping the world more livable. With Optimal SCANS they help their clients to test, rank and monitor their organization, their suppliers, services and products.

FutureChemistry (2007)
FutureChemistry develops, implements and sells microreactor hardware and procedures for optimising and screening chemical reactions and processes. It develops its products from the customer’s perspective and has in-house expertise for that.

Promedas (2006)

Encapson (2005)
Performs custom synthesis of functional polymers and develops encapsulation technology vased on block co-polymers.

ModiQuest (2004)
Develops and commercializes novel proprietary therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. ModiQuest applies innovative technologies including differential proteomics in the identification of disease related protein modifications.

Sensor Sense (2004)
An innovative company specialized in the development and commercialization of highly sensitive and selective laser-based gas detectors for scientific and industrial applications. Furthermore, we offer peripheral equipment indispensable to perform successful trace gas analysis.

Spinnovation (2004)
Specialised in performing contract research and supplying contract analysis services to support the Pharma, Food, Chemical & Polymer industries. In addition to NMR methods and techniques, Spinnovation offers services based on hyphenated technologies such as LC-MS, LC-NMR, LC-SPE-NMR, LC-SPE-NMR-MS.

Chiralix (2002)
Focusses on the development and supply of chiral 'drug-like' building blocks on research-scale for drug discovery and early development.

B-WARE (2002)
B-WARE Research Centre is a spin-off company of the Department of Aquatic Ecology & Environmental Biology. They conduct applied and fundamental scientific research focusing on biogeochemical and ecological processes that determine water and soil quality, biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning.

Syntarga (2001)
Develops releasable linker technologies and products for site-specific and efficient targeted drug release. Aquired by Synthon in 2011.

GX Software (1998)
GX Software helps with everything from developing a digital strategy to seeing it through to its technical realization and provides all the support  needed during the lifetime of the implementation.

Smart Research (1997)
SMART Research develops learning and cognitive reasoning models extracted from big data. Models that predict customer behavior, detect fraud or proactively predict maintenance. SMART Research delivers research & development (R&D) services, from consultancy to application development.

Mercachem (1997)
Provides high-quality chemistry services for clients who require a small-molecule solution. Currently, Mercachem employs approximately 150 people in Nijmegen (NL) and Prague (CZ).

stITPro (1995)
By providing subsidies to ICT projects, StITPro wants to stimulate software  development for educational and socially relevant goals.

InterNLnet (1995)
InterNLnet bedient vanuit de universiteitscampus in Nijmegen klanten met internetoplossingen. Met passie voor technologie, innovatie en met als doel om het ondernemers gemakkelijker te maken.

Stichting Bargerveen (1993)
The Bargerveen Foundation is an independent foundation working on sustainable restoration and conservation of nature. They develop ecological knowledge and translate it to the practice of ecosystem restoration  in order to improve the management of nature protected areas.

Tunix (1993)
TUNIX Digital Security provides a full range of network security services. They offer a unique combination of design, implementation and management of high-quality Internet security solutions.

ChampionChip (1993)
ChampionChip invented a timing system for mass running events, using chips on athletes and electromagnetic receptors at the start and finish lines. Once again, this system was a world first. ChampionChip decided to join forces with AMB i.t. in 2008. They merged into the new brand MYLAPS Sports Timing.

Synthon (1991)
Produces pharmaceuticals and is by far the largest spin-off company of the Faculty of Science, now employing over 1250 people worldwide. Synthon is committed to delivering affordable medicines through innovative science.

AIA Software (1988)
AIA Software was a provider of customer communications management software (Customer Communications Management, CCM). The company was taken over by Kofax in 2015.

NTS Optel (1986)
NTS Optel’s unique combination of optics, software, electronics and mechanical expertise set helps OEM’s in the Semiconductor, Analytical & Lifesciences sectors that want to design, develop, manufacture customized high precision end-to-end optical measurement and testing solutions and opto-mechatronic modules at speed.

AT Computing (1985)
AT Computing is de grondlegger van UNIX-kennis in Nederland. Ze zijn inmiddels uitgegroeid tot hét kennisinstituut in open source technologieën zoals UNIX en Linux, Atop, configuration management tools zoals Ansible en Puppet, DevOps tooling en programmeertalen zoals Python, Golang, C++ en C. Sinds eind 2017 maakt AT Computing deel uit van de Vijfhart groep.