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DNA-labs on the road

DNA-labs on the road allow students to get started with DNA research themselves. At the Bioinformatics lab we are talking about molecular biology, i.e. the genome, DNA, genes, RNA, proteins and molecular pathways. Bioinformatics scientists analyze large amounts of genomic data using the computer.

Quickly obtaining lots of data

The developments in technology have progressed very quickly in the past decades. This also applies to the technology of equipment that performs measurements on DNA and proteins. You can unravel an entire genome with this equipment within a few days. That is a job that previously took ten years. Data alone is of little use. What could you conclude from a short piece of base sequence: GATCTATCGATTCGATC? The data only becomes useful if you can shuffle and compare it. When you know that the above base sequence comes from humans and is identical to a piece of DNA from the chimpanzee, a piece of data becomes much more valuable.

Product development
Bioinformatics is used, among other things, in the development of new products. Knowledge of the protein structure of, for example, snake venom contributes to the design of an antidote. Or knowledge of sterols helps design a cholesterol-lowering butter.

Teaching Materials

Our Teaching Materials allow students to get started with DNA research. If your are curious about the teaching materials we offer, click here.