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Want to experience how an enzyme works? You can act as one in the module Toothpickase +! The students will perform simple experiments which give a clear visual image of enzymes. They will cooperate in teams, discuss their findings, calculate and draw in order to visualize how enzymes work.


The function of enzymes is often hard for students to understand, because it is very abstract. The goal of this Toothpickase tutorial is to give the students a better and more complete image of the way enzymes work. This is achieved by simple experiments in which the students will act as the enzyme ‘toothpickase’, which breaks down toothpicks (substrate) in certain intervals.

For Whom?

This module is a follow-up of the ‘Designing an antivenom’ tutorial and is meant for the 4th – 6th class of havo and VWO. The module can be done in either the biology or the chemistry class.

Required material

For the Teacher’s guide, you can email: nijmegen@dnalabs.nl.