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Patrick Diepenbroek

From the Colloquial to the Scientific Story: the use of Classroom Dialogue in the Development of Conceptual Understanding of Physics

Promotoren: Prof. dr. J.T. van der Veen (TUe), en Prof. dr. W.R. van Joolingen (UU)

The importance of drawing upon the daily-life views of students during classroom dialogue is widely recognised, but when and how to make the transition to the scientific jargon is not clear. Equally unclear is how many transitions are needed for effective learning. Many transitions may allow students to ‘ease’ into using newly acquired scientific jargon, but may take too long. Conversely, too few transitions may constitute unsurmountable steps for the students. A better understanding of what constitutes effective implementation of these transitions during classroom dialogue is achieved by means of collaborative designing lesson materials and implementing these in the classroom.