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Building academic networks

In order to expand its academic network and thus enhance the quality research and consultancy activities, IECS invites scholars and PhD students to come to Nijmegen as visiting scholars. Every year, there is a few scholarships available. The visiting scholar/PhD is expected to work in the Institute or its library at Radboud University in Nijmegen and contribute to the scholarly work of the research program of IECS by lecturing and/or publishing.

Twice a year (March 1 and September 1), our institute accepts applications for visiting scholars, preferably 1 in the field of Eastern Christianity and 1 in Oriental Christianity. The scholarship period is for 1 month and each successful scholarship recipient receives a maximum of €1,500 to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. A working space in the Institute will be made available.

Please submit your application to: scholarships-iecs@ivoc.ru.nl

Review the requirements and conditions here (pdf, 474 kB).

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