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The library of the Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (IECS) continues and expands the collection of the Institute of Byzantine and Ecumenical Studies of the Fathers Assumptionists in Nijmegen, who in 1991 donated their collection to IECS for a period of 99 years. In 2004 the collection, while keeping the ownership structure, was physically and electronically integrated in that of the University Library of Radboud University, and its contents became easily searchable via its electronic catalogue RU Quest.

The collection of more than 30.000 books and more than 400 journals reflects the interests and contacts with the local Eastern churches of the Fathers Assumptionists, and increasingly also that of later researchers in Nijmegen in the field of Eastern Christian Studies. There is a large collection of Syriac books, of which the liturgical books of the Syriac-catholic tradition are of special value, and parts of the collection which found there origin from contacts of the Greek-Orthodox church in Greece and the communities of the Assumptionists in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. In addition to considerable collection in the field of liturgy and the study of icons, the collection includes a fair amount of orthodox theology and studies of contemporary orthodox communities, in home countries and in the diaspora.

The collection of books and series of the library of IECS that is available in open access is placed in ‘De Verdieping’, the basement floor of the Humanities Library of the Radboud University Nijmegen. The collection of journals and newspapers of IECS that is available in open access is placed in alphabetical order in the Periodicals room of the Humanities library. All its other items can be requested via the university library system.

Download: List of Journals IECS in Central Library

For general questions you can turn to personnel of the Central Library. For more specific questions and detailed information please send an e-mail to the librarian of the Library of IECS: josephien.vankessel@ru.nl.