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Access and borrowing

The library of IECS is part of the Central Library of the Radboud University Nijmegen. This means that the staff members of the Central Library carry out the public tasks of the Library of IECS. For general questions you can turn to personnel of the Central Library. For more specific questions and detailed information please send an e-mail to the librarian of the Library of IECS: J.vanKessel@ivoc.ru.nl.

The University Library and its collections and facilities are open to the general public.

Part of the collection of the IECS is placed in open stocks. The other part is placed in the storage rooms of the University Library.

All works can be requested for consultation via RU Quest. Most of the works are available on request and can be borrowed for use outside the University Library, with the exception of journals, serial works, general handbooks and encyclopaedia, rare and fragile books.

In order to borrow or request books and journals for consultation a library card is required. This card can be obtained from the lending department of the Central Library (UB ground floor). A personal ID, address registration and (for foreign students and guests) a confirmation of registration at the Radboud University Nijmegen are required.

In the Central Library you can make photocopies. Copies can also be applied for from other university libraries through Inter Library Loan (ILL).

How to search, request and borrow publications

Library card

Information about the RU library card

Loan period

Renewals, reservations and notifications


A list of rates for various library services