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Course on Russian religious Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Alfons Brüning and Dr. Josephien van Kessel are organizing the Russian Religious Philosophy course at Radboud University at the undergraduate 3/master's level (5ECT) in early 2023 (the second semester). They focus in this course on the specifically Russian phenomenon of religious philosophy in the period known as the Russian Silver Age (1890-1920) and the first phase of Russian emigration and diaspora (c. 1920-1940). Particular attention is paid to the social and political dimensions in the thinking of six famous and influential philosophers: Vladimir Solov'ëv, Sergei Bulgakov, Nikolai Berdiaev, Ivan Il'in, Georgii Florovskii and Vladimir Losskii.

The historical background is provided by the last phase of tsarist Russia with its tendency toward reform and new ways of reflecting social, political and religious issues, in a way that was relevant to social and political reform efforts. These impulses, although they could not be realized through the victory of Bolshevism and the exile of its protagonists, were nevertheless further developed in the first phase of Russian exile and diaspora, in close interaction with the innovative philosophical trends in the West. Centers of that interaction were Prague, Berlin and, especially during the Interwar period, Paris. Central themes in the course are the relationship between religion, theology and philosophy, and the relationship between the "spiritual" and the "secular.

This course starts on Tuesday 31 January 2023, and will be taught every Tuesday (except during vacations), from 13:30-15:15hrs in room E 16.18 through to 15 May at Radboud University. Students can still register for this course. Additionally, adjuncts or external persons may sign up by sending an e-mail to: secretariaat@ivoc.ru.nl.