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Exploring Eastern Christianity series: book 10

Portrait cover_Kivits en van Beuningen

Ayla Kivits and Loes van Beuningen explain the (partially) digitalised collection of hundreds of Ethiopian icons and other objects in the Institute for Eastern Christian Studies' collection.

The authors take you on a journey through the collection of East African treasures. Read more about their origins, traditions of Ethiopian art and special artefacts from this colourful and culturally significant collection. Examples include horseback riders, prayer scrolls, artefacts onKing David, as well as the parchment on which the story of Queen Sheba's visit to king Solomon is  transcribed.

The book is available via the IVOC secretariaat (secretariaat@ivoc.ru.nl).
This publication is an edited and shortened version of the exposition found online at www.ethiopische-iconen.net.