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Job offer postdoctoral researcher Eastern Christianity

Download the job offer as PDF (pdf, 303 kB)

Are you an enthusiastic scholar who has earned his/her first merits on the scholarly track of Eastern Christianity? Are you motivated to work in a team to further develop the scientific profile and valorization activities of the Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (IECS/IvOC) in Nijmegen? As postdoctoral researcher you will contribute significantly to the realization of the aims of IECS.

-You are an enthusiastic scholar, a good team player with ambition in the area of research and teaching.
-You hold a PhD degree in a subject related to the subject of Eastern Christianity (disciplines such as Science of Religious Studies, Church History, Philology, Philosophy, Theology).
-You have an academic reputation in the field of Eastern Christianity,ideally to be demonstrated by publications in relevant (international) journals.
-You are actively involved in an international network in the field of research, academic and/or ecumenical cooperation.
-You have relevant experience in raising funds for research.
-You have at least two years’ experience in research and education on a university level in the field of Eastern Christianity.
-Besides specialization on particular subjects, you show a general sensitivity for current developments in the world of Eastern Christianity.
-You are a good teacher, like to work with students, and are able to coordinate academic courses and educational programs.
-You are able to inspire PhD-students.
-You have an excellent knowledge of the English language and you are willing to learn Dutch if this is not your native language. Knowledge of other modern languages is a recommendation; knowledge of at least one further language relevant for sources and Orthodox contexts (preferably not a Slavonic language) is presupposed.

We expect you
- To develop research projects for submittance to national and international funds.
- To execute the function of assistant editor for the Journal of Eastern Christian Studies and the book series Eastern Christian Studies, maintained by the IECS.
- To participate in the educational and valorization program of IECS.
- To participate in national and international conferences and to expand the network of IECS.
- To participate in the preparation of conferences, workshops and seminars.

We are
Founded in 1991, IECS is a research institute firmly established in the academia and in an international network of researchers within, and about Eastern and Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic communities. Further on, the network extends towards the world of religious, Christian organizations, social partners and interested public in the field of Eastern Christianity in Eastern-Europe, the Middle-East, and North Africa, with special attention for context related developments (e.g. Orthodox Christian refugees, Church and state/society). The IECS applies an interdisciplinary approach, with a focus not only on theology, but also on the science of religion, cultural science, history, sociology, etc. Our research particularly focuses on contacts and interactions between Eastern and Western Christianity in a long term perspective, but also on developments towards a global Orthodox Christianity in the modern pluriform societies worldwide.

IECS wants to deepen the scientific knowledge about Eastern Christianity, and to translate it and make it accessible for a broader audience, both within and without the academic world and within and without the religious world of the churches.

The Institute of Eastern Christian Studies is a para-university institute and closely related to Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was founded in 1991 as continuation of the Institute of Byzantine and Ecumenical Studies, which had functioned more than forty years under the supervision of the congregation of the Fathers Assumptionists. Through membership in the Board and the support foundation (SAI) the Assumptionist Fathers are still related to the institute, while the IECS staff carries out its activities free from any confessional or other restrictions. Adding to a number of research institutes devoted to Eastern Christianity worldwide, in the Dutch language area the Institute of Eastern Christian Studies is unique of its kind.

We offer

Employment 0,8 fte

Gross monthly salary: scale 10, €2,846 - €4,490, based on a 38-hour working week, depending on previous education and number of years of relevant work experience, plus 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus, following the CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten.

Duration: temporary employment for 24 months; an extension of the employment period is possible under conditions of successful fundraising.

Application procedure

We expect to receive your application before 8 March 2022. Please send all documents to prof. dr. Alfons Brüning, via secretariaat@ivoc.ru.nl

Your application should consist of the following documents:
- A cover letter, also explaining your motivation
- Your CV
- A list of previous research projects, and publications, both scholarly and non-scholarly
- An overview documenting teaching experience
- A scanned copy of your PhD certificate
- Reference letters (a minimum of two)

You will receive a confirmation once your application is received. An application commission consisting of members of the Board and Staff of the IECS will make a selection from all incoming applications. As soon as this selection is completed, you will receive a notification whether you will be invited for an interview, or your application was refused, or will be held in portfolio. We try to inform the candidates as soon as possible, ultimately four weeks after closure of the application deadline.

Interviews with the candidates will be held at IECS in Nijmegen. For candidates who do not live in the Netherlands, an interview via Zoom is possible.
After the interview all candidates will be informed personally about the success of their application.

If you are selected, you will receive a contract proposal and will be invited for a conversation on further employment conditions.

Of course, we will handle your personal data with care: We will only use the data and documents which you send in for the application. These documents will not be disclosed to third parties.

After the application process we will delete all your data and documents within four weeks, unless we agree with you on a different procedure.

If you are selected, we will enter your data in your personal file.