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New book in the series Verkenningen Oosters Christendom 11

Adelgeim book cover 3D

Author Drs. Paul Baars has written a book on a unique Russian Orthodox priest, entitled “Aartspriester Pavel Adelgeim (1938-2013): De laatste vrije priester van Rusland?”  Not only was Father Adelgeim an Orthodox priest, he was also the main priest of the Mirredragende Vrouwen parish in Pskov, and of the Apostle Matthew parish in Piskovitsi, also in Pskov, Russia. There he championed for human rights, and insisted that respecting each other’s dignity is a fundamental condition for the church community.

Drs. Baars first made acquaintance with Father Adelgeim in 1990, soon after which he started collecting Adelgeim’s sermons, articles and other publications from and about the priest. In 1996 Paul conducted research for four months on the reopening of the churches and monasteries in Pskov, and stayed with Adelgeim’s family during this time. This resulted in a friendship that lasted many years, up until the tragic death of the priest in 2013.

Baars’ book (written in Dutch) serves to tell the history of Father Adelgeim and give new perspective on his activities as an Russian Orthodox priest. Taking a deeper look at his sermons and writings could be inspirational for Christians of all denominations as well as other interested parties. This book forms the newest addition to the Exploration of Eastern Christianity series (Verkenningen Oosters Christendom) volume 11.

Aartspriester Pavel Adelgeim (1938-2013): De laatste vrije priester van Rusland?”  is available in print and can be ordered by sending an email to IVOC: secretariaat@ivoc.ru.nl.