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New intern: Jehan Hillen


The institute has a new intern: Jehan Hillen. He is a second-year student of the research master Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (HLCS) at Radboud University. As a historian, he is particularly interested in late antiquity and Byzantium, and his research focuses mainly on visual culture and imperial (numismatic) representation.

Since September 2021 he has worked at the Institute of Eastern Christian Studies under the supervision of Professor Lucinda Dirven. He is conducting research into the appropriation of religious buildings by other religious groups, such as the conversion of the Christian church Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque by the Ottomans, or the conversion of the Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem into a Christian church by the Crusaders.

The aim of his research is to find out the different reasons for this phenomenon through a quantitative analysis of different cities, each with multiple examples, and at the same time to analyze similarities and differences between the conversions by different religious groups.