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NEW Platform Oosters Christendom website

At the end of October 2023, our institute launched the totally revised Platform Oosters Christendom website, the online magazine for articles on Eastern & Oriental Christianity. The new link to the site is: www.oosterschristendom.nl.

After the Platform's one-year anniversary, we felt that we had outgrown ourselves. There was a need for more graphics and variety. In our opinion, the new site is a lot livelier and offers more options. The search function, for example, allows you to look by author name, region or a particular topic. Under the heading "Read more about," which is at the bottom of every page, you can click through by keyword (tag). This will quickly bring to your screen the articles in which that word appears.

We have also changed the categorization: 'Science' is now 'Background' and 'Art' is 'Culture'. New is the 'Netherlands' section, with articles on the situation of Eastern Christians in our country. Under the 'Spirituality' section, we explore how faith is shaped within tradition and in everyday life. You can think about the role of music and icons in the experience of faith, the way in which inspiring persons propagate their faith and, for example, meditations that are in keeping with the Eastern Christian tradition. Of course, there may be overlap, as articles can often be categorized into several categories. You will also see that reflected on the site.

We invite you to visit the new Platform regularly for new, in-depth articles on topics related to Eastern Christianity.