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New publication in series Eastern Christian Studies


In the series Eastern Christian Studies, which the IVOC brings out together with the Catholic University in Leuven, a new edition has been published by Peeters: The "Description of the Times" by Mor Michael the Great (1126-1199). A Study on its Historical and its Historiographical Context by Dorothea Weltecke.

This is the first in-depth study of the greatest medieval Christian chronicle written by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Michael (1126-1199). The unique handwriting of this 1598 chronicle, along with comments from scribes and the author himself, is used to reconstruct the chronicle's original layout. This study also compares the chronicle with other works that share form and sources to reveal Michael's intentions, most notably the (lost) chronicles of Jacob of Edessa (633-708), patriarch Dionysius of Tel-Mahre (772-834) and the chronicle of Maphrian Bar 'Ebroyo (1226-1286).

You can buy the book via the website of Peeters.