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Facts and Fiction on Migration

Apart from the study books on migration there is a vast amount of films, movies, documentaries, cartoons, theatre plays and other visual stuff that relates to migration.
This webpage tries to list just a few. Any addition is welcomed.
Links are either to references in the IMdB, Youtube, Vimeo or other sources such as ... books.

type title details
***  Youtube - infos
youtube UNHCR Teaching Material
youtube Treaty Bodies OHCHR, introduction
youtube Treaty Body HRC Human Rights Committee
youtube Treaty Body CEDAW Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
youtube Treaty Body CERD Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
youtube Treaty Body CESCR Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights
youtube Treaty Body CAT Committee Against Torture
youtube Treaty Body CMW Committee on Migrant Workers
youtube Treaty Body CRC Committee on the Rights of the Child
youtube Treaty Body CRPD Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
youtube Treaty Body CED Committee on Enforced Disappearances
youtube Treaty Body SPT Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture
youtube Most Shocking Second Day video
"Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”
Save the Children,
Don't Panic London
youtube Misconception 1 on Migrants
They come to take advantage ...
National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)
youtube Misconception 2 on Migrants
Migrants come from poor countries ...

National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)

youtube Misconception 3 on Migrants
There are so many arrivals ...
National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)
youtube Misconception 4 on Migrants
In CH it is paradise for migrants
National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)
youtube Misconception 5 on Migrants
They do not care about CH
National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)
youtube Misconception 6 on Migrants
Migrants all want a CH passport
National Center Research (CH)
(2 minutes)
youtube European Refugee Crisis and Syria explained Kurzgesagt / In a Nutshell
(6 minutes)
***   Satire - Clips
youtube Smuggling vulnerable people (2022) Rosie Holt on Twitter
youtube Het perfecte asielbeleid (2022) Pieter Derks als Druktemaker
youtube Stscr Broekers-Knol (2021) Diederik Smit bij DitisdeDag
***   Articles - Papers
Book Zo maken kaarten in de media ons onbewust negatiever over migranten (2020) De Correspondent (NL)
***   Films - Movies
movie A Syrian Love Story (2015) Sean Mcallister
movie Aguaviva (2008) Ariadna Pujol
movie Benjamin and his brother (2002) Arthur Howes
movie Biutiful (2010) Inarritu
movie Bloody Foreigners (2011) Robert Winder
movie Brick Lane (2007) Sarah Gavron
movie Casablanca (1942) Michael Curtiz
movie Children of Men (2006) Alfonso Cuarón
movie Citizen (2017) Vranik Roland
movie Dheepan (2015) Jacques Audiard
movie Dirty Pretty Things (2002) Stephen Frears
movie Documented (2013) Jose Antonio Vargas
movie El Norte (1984) Gregory Nava
movie Elysium (2013) Neill Blomkamp
movie Fire at Sea (2016) Gianfranco Rosi
movie Ghosts (2006) Nick Broomfield
movie Golden Dream (2013) Diego Quemada-Díez
movie Here to stay (?) unknown
movie Hope (2014) Boris Lojkine
movie I for India (2005) Sandhya Suri
movie I live in fear (1955) Akira Kurosawa
movie Idomeni - The Border (2016) Caoimhe Butterly
movie Illegales (2010) Ric Dupont
movie In This World (2002) Michael Winterbottom
movie Inseguro (2014) Lindsay Baratelle
movie Io sono Li (2011) Andrea Segre
movie It’s a Free World (2007) Ken Loach
movie La Pirogue (2012) Moussa Toure
movie La Prima Neve (2013) Andrea Segre
movie Last Train Home (2009) Lixin Fan
movie Lilja 4-ever (2002) Lukas Moodysson
movie Manpower (2014) Noam Kaplan
movie Paddington Bear (2014) Paul King
movie Paper Boats and Paper Planes (2010) Leo Nguyen
movie Persepolis (2007) Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi
movie Promise and Unrest (2010) Alan Grossman & Aine O'Brien
movie Red Leaves (2014) Bazi Gete
movie Shirin's Wedding (?) Helma Sanders-Brahms
movie Special Flight (2011) Fernand Melgar
movie Syria: the refugee crisis (2015) unknown
movie Still Life (2009) Siobhan McGuirk
movie The Immigrant (1917) Charles Chaplin
movie The Other Traveller (2018) Pieter Boeles
movie The Terminal (2004) Steven Spielberg
movie The Visitor (2007) Tom McCarthy

Those Who Feel the Fire Burning (2014)

Morgan Knibbe

Turtle Can Fly (2004)

Bahman Ghobadi
movie Villawood Mums (2010) CuriousWorks
movie Welcome (2009) Philippe Lioret
***   Graphic Novels
graphic A Tale of Two Citites (2015) Barbara Pokryszka
graphic Do You Miss Your Country? (2014) Monika Szydłowska
***   Books
Book A Map of Home Randa Jarrar
Book A Short Border Handbook Gazmend Kapllani
Book Across the Seven Seas () Anuradha Kumar
Book Americanah Chimamandah Ngozi Adichi
Book Amriika M.G. Vassanji
Book Anita and Me Meera Syal
Book Brick Lane Monica Ali
Book Burrow (2004) Manzu Islam
Book Dark at the Crossing (2017) Elliot Ackerman
Book Exodus (Old Testament)
Book In the midst (2017) Isabel Allende
Book In the Light of What We Know Zia Haider Rahman
Book In the Sea There Are Crocodiles Fabio Geda
Book Lonely Londoners (1956) Sam Selvon
Book Partir Tahar Ben Jelloun
Book Refusal Shoes Tony Saint
Book Roads (2017) Marina A. Cramer
Book Salt Houses (2017) Hala Alyan
Book Sea of Poppies Amitav Ghosh
Book Second-Class Citizen (1983) Buchi Emecheta
Book Small Island Andrea Levy
Book The Baghdad Eucharist Sinan Antoon
Book The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears (2007) Dinaw Mengestu
Book The Fatal Shore Robert B. Hughes
Book The Illegal (2016) Laurence Hill
Book The Lonely Londoners (2006) Sam Selvon
Book The Stowaway Robert Hough
Book The Year of the Runaways Sunjeev Sahota
Book Va, Vis et Deviens Radu Mihaileanu
Book White Teeth Zadie Smith
***   Lectures
lecture2 Myths on Migration (2014) Inaugural speech Hein de Haas at Maastricht University
***   Festivals
festival Human Rights Watch Film Festival
***   Theatre Plays
theatre The Tiger of our own Town Gianina Carbunariu