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New Book on Money and Migration

Date of news: 18 November 2021

Migration, participation, and citizenship, are central political and social concerns, are deeply affected by money. The role of money - tangible, intangible, conceptual, and as a policy tool - is understudied, overlooked, and analytically underdeveloped. Through the analytical lens of money, the chapters in this book expose hidden and sometimes contradictory policy objectives, unwanted consequences, and inconsistent regulatory structures. This volume brings to light the deep global impacts money has on migration and citizenship.

Money Matters in Migration_Covers

Tesseltje de Lange edited the book with Willem Maas and Annette Schrauwen

Centre for Migration Law authors include

  • Sandra Mantu: Women as EU citizens: caught between work, sufficient resources, and the market;
  • Anita Böcker and Maria Bruquetas: Money matters in live-in migrant carer arrangements: a comparative analysis between Germany and The Netherland;
  • Elspeth Guild and Tesseltje de Lange: Migrant financial inclusion versus the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Published with Cambridge University Press