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CIMIS research will focus on three new EU legislative measures adopted in the fields of migration, asylum and security:

  • the (recast) Directive 2016/801 on TCN students and researchers,
  • the recast of the directive on asylum qualifications into a regulation, and
  • Regulation 2017/458 which amends the Schengen Borders Code to allow for checks against databases at the external borders.

An overview of the seminars organised
as part of the Centre of Excellence work programme:

subject program result

The Blue Card Recast

18 October 2021 webinar

Hard (EU) Law through Soft Courts?

28 June 2021


EU Asylum Law for Judges

18 Juni 2021 webinar

For judges on EU Migration Law

22 Jan 2021 webinar

Schengen, Free Movement
and crises (webinar)

4 Dec. 2020

Special issue EJML (2021)

Researchers and Students Directive

Dir. 2016/801
15 Nov. 2019


Full text (pdf, 2,5 MB)

Citizenship @25

Dir. 2004/38

28-29 June 2018 Citizenship25

Intra Corporate Transferee Directive

Dir. 2014/66

10 Nov. 2017

The Intra Corporate Transferee Directive-front
full text

Reception Conditions II

Dir. 2013/33

8 Dec. 2015 (pdf, 74 kB)

full text