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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Workprogramme 2015-2018

The Jean Monnet centre of excellence programme 2015-2018 has two main objectives:

  • promote excellence in teaching and research in EU studies, and
  • improve the quality of professional training on EU subjects.

Our team is active in researching and publishing on the extent and limits of EU citizenship in law. The importance of EU citizenship to nationals of the Member States depends on the duties which they have and on the added value for people to hold this EU identity.

A second field central to our work is EU law on migration and asylum. In some areas, the position of third country nationals is approximating that of EU citizens, but differences remain. Understanding both the differentiation and convergence between the two areas is critical for social cohesion in the EU.

Teaching tomorrow’s lawyers and judges about these rights is central to a just society. Our teaching and research activities focus on what directives and regulations have been adopted, how they must be applied, how they are being interpreted including by the Court of Justice. The production of first class research and its publication is absolutely necessary as it is key in reaching out to academics, professionals and students worldwide.

Our second objective is to improve the quality of professional training on EU subjects to ensure that those who are entitled to rights in the EU get them and that before people are expelled from the EU there has been a proper consideration of their cases in line with EU’s legal commitments, including the EU Charter. The rights of EU citizens and third country nationals in the EU are either new or subject to modification and extension. Lawyers and judges need to be updated regularly on new developments to ensure that all parts of the legal profession are well versed and up to date on the legislation and its interpretation. This is one of the core activities we want to achieve as a Centre of Excellence so that no one’s rights are violated merely because the authorities are ignorant of their existence.

Workprogramme 2018-2021