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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Workprogramme 2018-2021

CIMIS (Citizenship, migration and security in the EU) aims to foster better knowledge and understanding of the Europeanization of citizenship, migration, asylum and security in relation to teaching and research as well as the quality of professional training on EU subjects. CIMIS examines how the interplay between migration and security shapes the legal landscape of EU migration law and the rights and experiences of those subjected to these laws: nationals, EU citizens, migrants, asylum seekers, travellers etc.

CIMIS activities focus on selected EU legislative measures concerning citizenship, migration, asylum and security in order to improve knowledge about their implementation, application at the national level and their interpretation by the European Court of Justice. During CIMIS, research efforts will focus on monitoring the implementation of Directive 2004/38 and EU citizenship rights in a selection of (10) EU Member States and on three new EU legislative measures adopted in the fields of migration, asylum and security: the (recast) Directive 2016/801 on TCN students and researchers, the recast of the directive on asylum qualifications into a regulation, and Regulation 2017/458 which amends the Schengen Borders Code to allow for checks against databases at the external borders.

CIMIS aims to ensure that individuals supposed to enjoy EU rights do not have their rights ignored or violated due to poor knowledge of those rights or misunderstanding concerning their content. This is why our activities reach out to students, legal professionals and civil society actors who all need to keep up to date with new developments in the field. By providing accurate and up to date knowledge on EU rights, CIMIS hopes to contribute towards social cohesion in the EU.

Project outputs include:

  • a summer course
  • a specialized course for EU judges
  • quarterly newsletters on free movement, regular migration and asylum
  • organization of specialized seminars
  • a monitoring report on EU citizens’ rights
  • academic publications

The CMR is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2015.
The 2015-2018 workprogramme