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Hannah Hübner: Under Pressure?

Title Judges' Strategies to cope with time pressure in criminal and migration cases

This research aims to provide an overview of the strategies that Dutch judges use when confronted with time pressure, and to evaluate these strategies from a normative point of view. More specifically, the project focusses on the responses of judges in the fields of criminal law and migration law, working on cases in which the suspects or alien is detained. In these cases, judges face many strict time limits and time pressure consequently is likely to be high. This research seeks to find out to what extent judges in criminal and migration law experience time pressure, how they respond to it and why they opt for the chosen strategies. Furthermore, the compatibility of these strategies with the legal principles guiding judicial behaviour and the rules stemming from those principles will be assessed.

Researcher(s) Hannah Hübner
Duration 2020-2025
Funding Sector Plan