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Sybren Hardiek: Chefsache

Title Chefsache, Coping with the European Council at the EU and national level
Description For the past ten to fifteen years, the EU has witnessed crises that test its fundamental arrangements: the Eurozone crisis, Brexit, the refugee/migration crisis, and currently Covid-19. The interdisciplinary leg of the Chefsacheproject sits at the intersection of public administration, political science, and migration law approaches in an analysis of the refugee/migration crisis in the European Union. It is generally assumed that the European Council takes the reins when the EU is addressing fundamental crises. Yet, in reality, they are heavily constrained by both the legal ramifications of EU- and international law and the EU's moral aims on the one hand, and by institutional capacity and divergent member state preferences on the other. In practice, the temporary measures on the Dublin and Schengen legal frameworks for migration and borders are fundamental to understanding the Council response to both the migration crisis and Covid-19. Additionally, the absence of a comprehensive overhaul to the key principles of the Dublin and Schengen legal frameworks is a notable intermediate outcome of the migration crisis response. This project proposes to map the decision-making behind the crisis response of the European Council from this interdisciplinary angle, aiming to disentangle the legal and (inter-)institutional drivers and constraints
Researcher(s) Sybren Hardiek
Duration 2021-2025
Funding Methods School & Public Administration, Nijmegen School of Management; Centre for Migration Law