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COVID and Labor migration

Title COVID-19 and migrant workers in the frontline

Migrant workers perform essential work in crucial sectors: harvesting, meat processing, packaging, cleaning. During the COVID-19 crisis, they are in the front line and run health risks. Their protection therefore requires urgent attention.

Prof. Tesseltje de Lange is the scientific leader of an interdisciplinary research team of researchers at the Centre for Migration Law working together with other disciplines in RUNOMI (Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion), as well as together with De Burcht and partners from the field.

We will investigate which structural problems related to labor migration the corona crisis has exposed, and what opportunities this crisis offers to improve the protection of migrant workers. We will also look for innovations that make crucial sectors less dependent on vulnerable migrants. Because migrant workers often work and live across borders, this research focuses on the border regions (Netherlands/North Rhine-Westphalia). The research aims to contribute to reducing health risks during the further course of this and possible future crises.


2020 - 2022

Publication articles and reports
Funding ZonMW and NWO