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Bjarney Fridriksdottir ('16): Equal Treatment

Title What Happened to Equality? The Construction of the Right to Equal Treatment of Third-Country Nationals in European Union Law on Labour Migration
Description This research project concerns the right to equal treatment granted to regularly resident third-country nationals in employment and protection of rights provided for irregularly resident third-country nationals in employment, by five EU Directives on labour migration that were adopted based on a sectoral approach to labour migration.  The study concludes that the human rights granted to labour migrants are below those set by international and European human rights law and international labour law. This outcome is mainly due to the EU’s approach to labour migration characterized by dividing different groups of migrants into ‘types’ and granting them access to territory and the labour market based on their perceived economic worth for the EU economy. The access granted determines their status which dictates to what extent their right to equal treatment is ‘approximated’ with nationals of the EU Member State where they live and work.
Researcher(s) Bjarney Friðriksdóttir
  • Elspeth Guild and
  • Paul Minderhoud

2012 - 2016

Defence 21 November 2016