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Dragos Ciulinaru

Title The Migrant Roma in Europe. A Case Study of Cultural Relativism of Universal Human Rights.

The research approaches the mobility of some of European Union’s most deprived citizens: the Eastern Europeans that live on the streets  of Western European cities; with primary focus on those of Roma descent.  The research questions the suitability of the receiving countries' response strategies, with the Union’s universal rights principles.The features of this mobility, and the states’ and the EU actions towards it, such as eviction, displacement, and expulsions, are documented with example from several countries, and across a period of more than ten years. Particular attention is given as well to the discourses equating a more generic ‘migration problem’ in the European Union with the representations of the Roma and the mobilization of centuries old discourses about this ethnic group in the current EU migration context.

Researcher(s) Dragos Ciulinaru
Duration 2018-2022

Book (pdf, 1,5 MB)


29 March 2022, 16:30