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Border Control


Border controls in a new Europe


This is a study of the rules and the practice of border controls after the controls at the internal borders of the majority of the EU Member States has been abolished. Which new controls have been introduced behind the borders? At what occasions are controls at the internal borders reintroduced? Which persons are controlled and why?


Kees Groenendijk

  • New borders behind old ones: Post-Schengen controls behind the internal borders and inside the Netherlands and Germany, in: K. Groenendijk, E. Guild and P. Minderhoud (ed.), In Search of Europe’s Borders, The Hague 2003 (Kluwer Law International), p. 113-146
  • Reinstatement of Controls at the Internal Borders of Europe: Why and Against Whom? European Law Journal (10) 2004, p. 150-170

Law Faculty, Radboud University Nijmegen

Status Finished