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Constructing and Imagining Labour Migration

Title Constructing and Imagining Labour Migration: Perspectives of Control from Five Continents
Description This book is the result of a workshop organized with the occasion of the 50th International Studies Association Annual Convention. The book aims to launch a long-term re-assessment of the interaction between states regarding labor migration and the shifting paradigms of control regarding movement of persons. It tries to look beyond how migration is controlled on a national basis and the experiences of one geographic region by shifting the attention to “the global politics of labor migration” and the possibility of conceptualizing labor migration control from a comparative perspective.
Our objective is to examine states’ claims about control, its need, its effectiveness and its purposes against the realities which exist. As such, the interaction between states’ claims and the manner in which individuals experience controls holds the key to understanding how control mechanisms shape policies, experiences and identities.
  • Elspeth Guild
  • Sandra Mantu (eds)
Duration 2009-2011



Funding ISA