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Reconceptualization of EU citizenship

Title The Reconceptualization of EU citizenship - Jean Monnet workshops

The project comprises three research streams:

  1. Citizenship of the EU and European identity: Immigration, access to nationality in the member states and a common European identity
  2. The boundaries of identity in the EU: mobility, equality and social rights, and
  3. When EU citizens become foreigners: security of residence for EU citizens before and after Directive 2004/38.

In reconceptualising European Union citizenship, this research project shall take into account the complexities of the topic by using a set of different theoretical assumptions to assess the processes of reconceptualization and to foster the development of multidisciplinary research frameworks that could be used as inspiration for other areas of European integration studies. Critical legal studies, sociology, political theory and international relations all offer stimulating insights into the manner in which the processes of transformation

of EU citizenship can be mapped out. The innovative character of the research project is to translate these theoretical assumptions and map out the manner in which they impact upon the conceptualization of borders and bordering within the European space and polity. The results of the research shall be disseminated via workshops and research papers. At the end of the project a collective volume will be published valorising the results achieved throughout the two years of research dedicated to the topic.

  • Elspeth Guild
  • Paul Minderhoud
  • Cristina Gortazar
  • Dora Kostakopoulou


2011 - 2012

Publication reports, workin papers,workshops
Funding Jean Monnet