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Welcome to the Faculty of Law

Traditionally amongst the smaller in The Netherlands, the Faculty of Law has a long standing reputation for quality; in research, in teaching, and in organisation.

Especially for foreign students this offers the possibility of easy contacts with teachers and other students. Radboud University has taken advantage of those benefits in organising programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate level over the years. The Erasmus programme has hosted hundreds of undergraduate students over the last years.

Our mission

The Faculty's policy is to continue to explore opportunities for international cooperation and to strengthen relations with our existing contacts. Incorporating international and European law in legal research is crucial in a world of interwoven legal systems. The board aims to get involved with European consortia in certain key areas, such as Insolvency Law, Financial Law, European Private Law, Migration Law, Fundamental Rights and Security issues, in anticipation of the new European Framework Programme Horizon 2020. Societal relevant legal research almost always relates to legal practice and is therefore automatically of societal importance. The Nijmegen faculty cooperates closely with - and advises - external partners such as civil law notary offices and law firms, financial organisations, international businesses, courts, governmental bodies, ministries, NGOs and European organisations. Publications, such as professional journal papers and case notes, are written with a view to the legal practice. One element of the research centres' mission is to make academic research more practical, for example by preparing best practices, legislative proposals and EU directives.