Confidential advisors

Local contacts for PhD candidates

Our faculty is committed to providing a pleasant and safe working environment for all its employees, including its PhD candidates. Because of the vulnerable position of this group, the faculty has appointed three local contacts for PhD candidates within the faculty, in addition to the central RU confidential advisers. PhD candidates can contact the local contacts for an accessible and confidential conversation.

Our local contacts for PhD candidates


Stefanie Jansen-Wilhelm       
International and European Law
Research Centre for State & Law
GR. 02.007

Matthijs van Schadewijk
Sociaal Recht
Radboud Business Law Institute
GR. 02.015


Marc Veenbrink
International and European Law
Research Centre for State & Law
GR. 02.005

With these local contacts for PhD candidates, unfortunately only one research centre is represented. However, the local contacts for PhD candidates can be approached by employees from both research centres. The local contacts for PhD candidates are independent and the converstations are confidential.

The role of the local contacts for PhD candidates

The local contact offers a safe place where the PhD candidate can tell his or her story. The local contact will listen, ask questions and assist the employee in sorting out the problems. In addition, the contact person thinks along about which follow-up steps can be taken.

The local contact is the first point of contact within the faculty if someone gets stuck in the programme, supervision and assessment or if he or she has questions or doubts about this. If there is evidence of undesirable behaviour such as bullying, discrimination, sexual intimidation or a lack of scientific integrity, the local contact refers the PhD candidate in question to the central confidential advisor for PhD candidates.

The conversations with individual PhD students may have policy implications. The local contacts can give solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board of the Graduate School and through this also to the Faculty Board.

At Radboud University, efforts have been made for some time to set up a centrally organised network of confidential advisers. Think of the announcements about the confidential counsellors and the ombuds officer. The local contact for PhD students is an addition to this at faculty level.

Confidential counsellors Radboud University

If you experience a problem or conflict with regard to education, supervision and/or assessment, you can also talk to the central independent confidential counsellors.