PhD network

The role of the PhD Network is to aid communications from the PhD candidates to the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law (GSL) and vice versa. The PhD Network acts as an independent source of information for PhD candidates, keeping them up-to-date on decisions that are taken and plans that are under discussion. The communication from the PhD population to the GSL is an important part of the network's job. The board of the GSL can ask the network's opinion about plans and current matters. PhD candidates can submit plans or opinions to the PhD Network, either by seeing one of the members or through e-mail (address is listed below). For optimal efficiency, the PhD Network will also actively solicit opinions among PhD students.


The PhD Network also wishes to stimulate communication between the PhD candidates. Therefore, we organize several events which offer an excellent opportunity to meet other PhD candidates and to socialize with each other.


Any questions, ideas for PhD activities or perhaps problems you encounter during your PhD? Please feel free to contact us via

Current members of the PhD Network are: