Professors inviting you

Busch-vProfessor Danny Busch, Chair of Financial Law:

'In our Institute for Financial Law (IFL) we conduct independent scientific research in the field of financial law. We define financial law as the public and private law regulation of the financial sector and its actors. This includes not only traditional banking and capital markets law, but also e.g. governance of financial institutions, liability of financial regulators, liability of financial institutions, regulation of insurers and regulation of pension funds.

Our orientation is international and interdisciplinary. On a regular basis the IFL establishes International Working Groups composed of leading academics and practitioners in the field. This has led to timely and state-of-the-art publications with Oxford University Press, including European Banking Union, EU Financial Markets Regulation – MiFID II and MiFIR, Capital Markets Union in Europe, Alternative Investment Funds in Europe and Liability of Asset Managers.
In our research we combine the best of two worlds: academic rigour and practical relevance.

We put our PhD scholars in touch with practice e.g. by means of internships at reputable law firms, banks, and other key players in the financial sector.

In short: I would very much like to welcome you as one of our PhD’s!'

Van Kempen, Piet HeinProfessor Piet Hein van Kempen, Chair of Criminal law and Criminal procedure law:

'The transformation of national criminal justice systems under the influence of international and European human rights law, transnational criminal law treaties and European Union law, is one of the important fields of research within the research centre for State and Law (SteR). We have wide expertise in this field relative to both substantive criminal law and criminal procedure law. As regards the former, important topics of interest are e.g. drugs, terrorism, human trafficking, corruption, religion, and also fundamental issues as legality, guilt and wrongfulness. As for criminal procedure law we focus on, for example, fair (preliminary and trial) procedure, the rights of the defence, pre-trial detention, police powers, special investigation methods, prosecutorial powers, security and the integrity of the criminal justice system and its actors.

Our orientation is international and interdisciplinary. Moreover, based on analyses of the fundamentals of substantive and procedural criminal law, we look for possibilities to improve the criminal justice system in a way that is workable in practice, effective and fair. We have a worldwide network of academics and professionals working in the field of criminal justice as well as the prison system. On a regular basis we are involved in international working groups and international conferences. This has led to many topical publications with various renowned international publishers.

In short: for those interested in the interaction between criminal justice and international human rights, transnational and/or EU law, the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law of Radboud University will be an inspiring, professional and pleasant environment to pursue a PhD. I look forward to meeting you!'

Veder, MichaelProfessor Michael Veder, Insolvency Law and vice dean research:

'Research in the field of finance, security rights and insolvency law has traditionally been strongly rooted at the Business & Law Research Centre. We have a strong group of researchers that conduct research on fundamental principles, best practices and current legal issues pertaining to finance, security rights and insolvency law.

Our research covers areas that are closely connected. The research on financing and secured transactions is mainly concerned with analysing the different ways in which a business obtains working capital and the different types of proprietary and personal security rights granted to financiers (e.g., research on pledges, mortgages, retention of title, financial collateral arrangements, fiduciary legal concepts, covered bonds/securitisation, leasing, factoring, note programmes, etc.). Research in the field of insolvency law focuses on businesses in financial distress (including restructuring, recovery and resolution measures and pre-insolvency arrangements).

Our research has a strong international focus and includes European, comparative and cross-border (i.e. private international law) perspectives. On a regular basis we establish international working groups composed of leading academics and practitioners in the field. This has led to timely and state-of-the-art publications with publishers such as Oxford University Press (for example, the International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series).

In line with the general focus of the Business & Law Research Centre we combine academic rigour with practical relevance. Through our extensive national and international network we combine the academic excellence that has long been available in this field at our law faculty with the expertise and practical experience of our partners.

Would you like to join our team?'