Top alumni

Brinkhoff, SvenDr Sven Brinkhof, assistant professor:

'I experienced my time as a PhD as very pleasant. I had much freedom in suggesting my research topic and elaborating on that. My supervisors were great. Scientific research is well embedded in Criminal Law in Nijmegen. All of this was crucial to the positive outcome of my PhD.'

Spierings_CharlotteDr Charlotte Spierings, attorney at law:

'My time at the Law Faculty of Radboud University has been formative in more than one way. Not only did I expand my legal knowledge by writing my dissertation and teaching courses on different levels, I also developed skills and made connections that greatly benefit me in my current job as an attorney. The Law Faculty of Radboud University offers a multitude of opportunities to young researchers to develop themselves. I was able to conduct part of my comparative research at Oxford University and at the Humboldt University in Berlin and worked as the editorial secretary for a leading Dutch private law journal. As is often the case, however, it is the people that make this place remarkable. I have met many driven, bright and energetic people who are keen to discuss both the law and life in general and who help each other through the tricky parts of completing a dissertation. I look back with great fondness on working in the close-knit community of researchers at Radboud University, with many of whom I have formed lasting friendships.'

Salemink_TomDr Tom Salemink, attorney at law:

'At the Law Faculty I learned out of the box thinking. This helps me every day in my practice as an attorney. In a long-lasting dispute, for instance, parties could not reach a settlement. The obvious solution was not desirable. Therefore we searched for a rather unusual possibility. Without having to start a costly procedure, we found an off the beaten track solution to the problem. Thanks to what I learned!'

Mr. Ward Möhlmann, policy officer European Commission:

'I had a great time as a PhD in Nijmegen. I enjoyed to the maximum the freedom to do research on a topic that I chose myself, the excellent atmosphere at the law faculty, while the quality and openness of staff and supervisors made discussions easy and stimulating. These years have provided me with an ideal basis for the totally different work I am doing now, where analytical skills, writing correct and concise and speaking on any given topic is key.'