Two Research Centres

The Nijmegen Faculty of Law cooperates closely with - and advises - external partners such as civil law notary offices and law firms, financial organisations, international businesses, courts, governmental bodies, ministries, NGOs and European organizations. Publications are written with a view to the legal practice. One element of the research centre's mission is to make academic research more practical, for example by preparing best practices, legislative proposals and EU directives.

Radboud Business Law Institute

The Radboud Business Law Institute (OO&R) conducts academic research in the field of commercial law. The centre has four key research programmes. They are (i) Business and Patrimonial Law, including European Private Law; (ii) Company Law; (iii) Finance, Security Rights and Insolvency Law; and (iv) Financial Law.

The centre is a co-operation between the law faculty and a number of partners, consisting of renowned (international) law firms and companies. The combination of academic excellence on the one hand and practical expertise and experience on the other is the true strength of the research centre. In the field of commercial law the research centre is considered second to none in the Netherlands. To underline this, the centre is the only legal research institution that is accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences as a “centre of excellence”.

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Research Centre for State and Law

The Research Centre for State and Law (SteR) focuses its research on the main developments in national and international public law. SteR Research revolves around four focal points:

  1. national sovereignty and the interaction with other legal orders;
  2. fundamental rights;
  3. general principles of public law and the role of legal dogmatics;
  4. migration & citizenship.

Against the background of these long standing focal points, SteR frequently identifies concrete research themes that are of fundamental concern to society. In next few years, particular attention will be devoted to the following themes: integrity of the three branches of government, externalization of migration policy, the state and the market, and the excessive use of the criminal justice system.

SteR research characteristically combines the public law expertise and the meta-juridical expertise present within the Law faculty. SteR also has a structural interdisciplinary cooperation with the Management Faculty. Researchers stay in close contact with the legal practice and aim to maintain a lively dialogue with the legal practice. Recently, the external research assessment committee confirmed the high quality of SteR's research. The Centre of Migration Law – one of the research centres in SteR – was even acknowledged as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

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