Research and training costs

Courses under core programme and optional components on this website are free of charge.

The faculty provides PhD employees, lecturers doing PhD research and external PhD's a maximum of €1,000 (for the whole PhD period) for academic activities. This includes research and training costs and costs for conference attendance. The funds are made available once the expenses are actually incurred.

If you need additional finances for your academic activities, you have to submit them to the faculty board in advance, following consultation with your PhD supervisor. You need to claim your expenses via I-expense. The cost heading that must be used for this is: 2200700. More information is available on Radboudnet, or you can ask the secretary of your section.

External PhD candidates can only claim the budget if:

(1) A research plan that has been approved by the Science Committee and

(2) the external PhD student is already at a fairly advanced stage of development and has written (a) substantial dissertation component.

Radboud University encourages international mobility of PhD candidates. See an overview of the subsidy possibilities.

See also: compensation for printing costs of the dissertation.