Training and Supervision Plan

At the start of your PhD project, a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) is drawn up. At the very least, this plan contains the agreements you and your supervisor have made regarding your research tasks, the structure and frequency of the supervision by your supervisor and daily supervisor, and the research training you will receive. Agreements are also made about following courses relating to your doctoral research. If your PhD project involves teaching Bachelor's and/or Master's students the TSP also includes any agreements made in this area.

For external PhD's there is a registration form. This has to be filled in after the promotor has announced you at the Graduate School.

You can find the appropriate version here:

Progress and Evaluation

It is important to know how your progress is monitored and evaluated.

From the start of your PhD project your progress will be monitored in Hora Est. Hora Est and Hora Est TSP are software systems used by Radboud University to register all PhD’s. The systems enable the monitoring of the progress of individual PhD’s from registration to graduation. It also generates the necessary digital correspondence for thesis submission and graduation.

Via Hora Est TSP you can upload your Training and Supervision Plan and all other documents regarding your project.

At this moment your data are uploaded by the secretery at the Dean's Office. As soon as the new system is operational, we will publish an instruction here.

The most important evaluations are described in your TSP.