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As a PhD candidate you do your research under the responsibility of a professor who acts as your promotor (a supervisor with the ius promovendi: the right to act as promotor). He/she supervises your work toward the doctoral degree. In many cases there is also a daily supervisor, usually an assistant or associate professor. The daily supervisor interacts frequently with you about your research, monitors your progress and gives you guidance in writing your thesis.

With your promotor and daily supervisor you discuss your Training and Supervision Plan.


The department is your day-to-day work floor where you meet your direct colleagues, from doctoral peers to professors.

Faculty level

Nearly all departments are part of one of the research centres, where you can attend all sorts of scientific meetings. On the faculty level you could get in touch with the Human Resources advisor for questions about employment, for example, or with the International Office about going abroad.

The independent confidential advisor of the faculty is the one to contact in cases of conflict or problems with regard to your supervision, education or assessment.

University level

At the university level you can attend PhD courses organized by the university (HR department). The International Office helps with housing and organizes social events for foreign PhD candidates.