Coaching for PhD candidates at Radboud University

Carrying out a PhD project requires new skills, and not just academic ones. As an independent sparring partner, a personal coach can help you improve your insight, skills and problem-solving capabilities. Coaching is an individual learning process, aimed at reaching certain objectives or at developing or improving specific competencies. You will gain more insight into your own behaviour and how this affects your surroundings. You will also become more conscious of your work environment and the role you play in it. Coaching steers you in the right direction and allows you to make (strategic) choices and become more goal-oriented. Some coaching examples:

  • dealing with difficult (work) relations or stress;
  • being assertive;
  • leading a project or meeting;
  • making difficult decisions;
  • time management

Coaching is free for PhD candidates with a contract at Radboud Unviersity.

More information and how to apply