Further development of professional knowledge

When you discuss your Training- and Supervision Plan (TSP) with your supervisor you can also discuss the necessity of further professional education. There are a few possibilities:

Centre for Professional Legal Education

At the Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO) an increasing number of courses are given in English. Please take a look at the website for current courses. Twice a year you will receive an e-mail about the courses from the director of CPO. In each course description you will find a registration form. PhD candidates of the faculty can take one course per year for free at the CPO.

LLM European Law

The LLM European Law programme is in English. Within this programme there are several specialisations: International and European Law Advanced, Human Rights and Migration Law, European Law and Global Affairs, Business Law and Insolvency Law. For registration please contact the International Office: internationaloffice@jur.ru.nl. You have to bring along your signed TSP.

Research master

As a PhD student you can also participate in courses of the second year of the research master “Onderneming en Recht”. There is one exception: you cannot particate in the course: “Hoge Raad en cassatie”.

For more information, please contact the coordinator of the research master Annika Boh: 024-3612237 or a.boh@jur.ru.nl.