How do you become a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law?

There are four ways to become a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law.

PhD employee

One way is to apply for a PhD candidate vacancy. At Radboud University PhD candidates are usually considered staff members with an employment contract, a salary and the same rights and services available to them as other members of staff. > Vacancies

After admission you will be a PhD employee. As a rule the PhD employee does his research and writing in Nijmegen.

Contract PhD

It is also possible to obtain a doctorate without being employed by Radboud University. Contract PhD candidates are those who have concluded an agreement with Radboud University to obtain a doctorate, using funding received in their own country. They may be funded by an employer or receive a scholarship from an organization from the country of origin. If you are interested in doing a PhD in the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law, please fill in the online application form. As a rule, you will do your research and writing in Nijmegen.

Lecturers doing PhD research

As a lecturer at the Law Faculty you can have an agreement to do a PhD in the same period. > Vacancies

The rights and obligations of the lecturer are almost the same as those of the PhD employee. You are doing research based on a research proposal, approved of by the Scientific Committee. In a Training and Supervision Plan all arrangements regarding your research, your supervision and your education are described. The plan is part of your employment contract.

External PhD

As an external PhD candidate you are not employed by Radboud University; you generate your own income. You do however have the intention to graduate under supervision of one of our professors. In most cases you do your research at home. Occasionally you come to the university for supervision or supervision is ‘at a distance’. You are not obliged to follow courses, but you will be invited for meetings.

All categories are part of the Graduate School, but their rights and obligations differ (see other pages on this website).