What does a PhD entail?

As a PhD candidate you will carry out academic research under the supervision of a professor (supervisor of the PhD candidate in the research and writing of the thesis). In addition to the PhD supervisor, you will also have a ‘daily supervisor' in most cases.

PhD thesis

PhD candidates report their research findings in a written document, called the PhD thesis or doctoral dissertation. A thesis can be made up of articles that may already have been published separately. The thesis will be evaluated by a Thesis Committee and you must defend your thesis at a public defence.

The title of Doctor

While carrying out doctoral research and working on your thesis, you are a PhD candidate. Following the public defence of the thesis and after receiving your PhD diploma, you may call yourself Doctor at Radboud University. Obtaining the title of Doctor means that you are ready for an academic career. It also means that you have proven qualities that can be of great value in non-university organizations and in the business community.